Make Learning Fun Again

Online quizzes, interactive activities and more help students find the joy in learning

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Nobody wants to study during the December holidays. Yet, it remains a necessity. How can it be less of a chore for students? The answer – turn it into a game!

1. Online Quizzes

The fastest way to get a student interested is through gamification, with plenty of free, easy-to-use online tools that can be adapted for any topic. Promise a reward for the highest scorer, and they’ll always be ready for a new challenge.

2. Interactive Learning

Change up your physical space – set up various ‘stations’ for students to answer different questions, or have them work together in groups to complete a worksheet in the fastest time possible! Better yet – create a themed worksheet, like a Christmas-themed quiz for this holiday season. 

3. Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised by what your own students come up with to make learning fun again. Viral TikTok dance to remember a formula? Popular meme formats that simplify or parody difficult concepts? Check out what the next generation is into, and find better ways to engage when you speak their language, or let them express themselves.

CCK Tuition - Tutor John Learning Centre
CCK Tuition

TutorJohn specialises in PSLE and graduating students in both N & O levels. With over 15 years of experience in the education industry, starting out as a 1-1 home tutor to home-based small group tuition to right now two successful tuition centres with his team of professional tutors. He does home tutor matching for students too!

Not only does he teach to the MOE syllabus to ensure students are well-prepared with content knowledge, but also utilises creative thinking, innovative lessons, and teaches exam-smart study methods to ensure students both have fun and are well-prepared for school.